Top 3 Takeaways When You Attend NASC Market Segment Meetings

 Posted on: August 30 2016

Have you experienced challenges with how to track room night information better, or do you wonder if others pay bid fees and, if they do, where do they receive the money?  Well, you are not alone with challenges or issues we may face in the sport tourism industry. 

The upcoming NASC Market Segment Meetings in Indianapolis, October 25-26, 2016, is a great meeting to attend for the opportunity to discuss your challenges/issues and to share best practices in the sport tourism industry.

NASC Market Segment Meetings are very beneficial.  Here are three top benefits for attending these meetings in Indianapolis.

1.         Learning Opportunity.  Market Segment Meetings are an excellent opportunity for you to sit down with your colleagues and share challenges or questions you may have.  Learn best practices, trends, strategies, ideas or solutions in small group discussions.  You will be discussing with organizations similar to yours.  For the Snohomish County Sports Commission, we meet with other Small & Mid-Market Sports Commissions.  For me, I learn about what others are doing so I don’t have to “recreate the wheel”.  I have attended Market Segment Meetings the last three years and learned more about volunteer recruitment, success stories, and facility development to name a few topics.

2.        Build relationships.  The meetings create an opportunity for each of us to build better relationships with other leaders in our industry.  The sport tourism industry is like a family.  We are all in it together!  We share, we learn, we make friends!  Building relationships is the “heart” of what we do, as people are willing to do business with people they know and trust.  NASC Market Segment Meetings give me this opportunity.

3.         Attend CSEE.  In addition to the Market Segment Meetings, a CSEE course is held prior to the meetings.  CSEE is a wonderful program to further your sport tourism education.  The fall course is about bringing people together and understanding the objectives of each stakeholder that is part of the sport event equation … sounds like a tremendous class to register for while attending the Market Segment Meetings.

On behalf of the NASC staff and NASC Member Mentoring Committee, I hope you will register for the Fall Market Segment Meetings.  See you in Indianapolis.

Contributing writer:  Tammy Dunn, CSEE, NASC Member Mentoring Committee Member


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